I am a deranged mechanical engineer, now fallen from grace and stuck in web applications development hell after trying my luck at warmongering and the excesses of the first dot-com frenzy. I am (hopefully) on my way to the path of open source enlightment, specifically with the LAMP platform. After a few years experimenting with the LAMP platform, I am once again a card carrying Microsoft dot whore.

Oh, and I am a novelist!

What do I really do?

I am a web-based, data driven applications developer in MS ASP Classic, ASP.net 1.1/2.0/3.5/4, and to a lesser degree, Cold Fusion (yuck!).

I work for a tiny company somewhere in the DC metro area that specializes in custom web-based, data-driven applications, most of them Microsoft-centric. The not-so-little-bit of Cold Fusion that we do is mostly maintenance of existing systems or buying up time until the customer allows a conversion to .net.

I am obsessed about photography, to the point it took over what it used to be a blog about software development and geek tech trends. This blog allows me to continue showing my photography content without alienating my readers that are more interested in my writings about geek trends.